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Downtown skyline of Seoul, South Korea with Seoul Tower.
Down town skyline of Seoul, South Korea with Seoul Tower.

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Mountain peaks, ancient temples and a real tradition folk village are some of the things that you will find in South Korea. From hiking trails to theme parks this is a country to visit for the whole family.

The saying goes “feast your eyes”, well this time it’s “feast your stomach” – because the food in this part of the world is simply the best. Hold on to your knives and forks folks as you try braised pig’s feet, Kimchi and Tteokbokki or Bingsu, which is a great summer dessert.

To unwind, head off to a quiet beach for a drink after a day of sightseeing and plan your next day of your South Korean holiday. There are a few essential items you need to take with you. These are: a great pair of walking shoes, sunscreen and your camera – to capture the breathtaking views and smiles on your family and friend’s faces that radiate a perfect vacation.

Things to do in South Korea  

  • Bukhansan National Park: If you are an avid hiker and enjoy going on various trails around the world, then this is the place for you. Also, your hike will provide some amazing views of fantastic gorges, granite peaks, and crystal clear streams. There is a few places on your way to Bukhansan National Park to get something to eat before your trek. While on your hike in the park, stop off at Bukhansanseong Fortress. Also, there is over 1,000 Buddhist temples and monk cells in the park. So it’s not just the peeks you’ll get to see. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit this national park. Pure hiking bliss and a brilliant place to learn about Korean culture and history.
  • Everland: Let your imagination run wild at South Korea’s largest theme park. This specular theme park is filled with impressive gardens, rides and a wooden rollercoaster which is a favorite for many visitors. This rollercoaster guarantees an adrenalin rush. Global Fair is located at the entrance to the park and is home to a big bazaar with reproductions of castles from Russia, Spain and France. Enjoy everything from moving walkways at Magic Land to a zoo in the park where you will get to see lions, tigers and other animals. You can even feed a giraffe if you wish. Feel like some water fun at this place of adventure? Caribbean Bay is a large water park with exquisite beaches, waterslides and stone buildings. The queues at the park will make this attraction worthwhile. There are various restaurants in the theme park that will ensure you don’t go hungry. Don’t miss out on some fun at this awesome wonder world.
  • War Memorial of Korea: Military planes, missiles, helicopters and tanks are some of the interesting things you will find at this inspiring museum which has both indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Learn everything you want to know about the Korean War by looking at artifacts and footage from the war. There is also weaponry on display used by different countries in World War 2 and the Vietnam War. The museum which has a total of 8 exhibits also has a Memorial Hall which houses sculptures and paintings. Over 100 pieces of large military equipment can be seen at this museum. Be sure to check out the naval ship too. This impressive site is well worth a visit while in Korea.
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace: This majestic and famous palace in Seoul was the first royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Built-in the 1300s, the palace has been damaged various times over the years. It is well preserved today and you should set aside a few hours to see the many buildings. Make sure you see the changing of the guard and sword exhibitions. Or dress up in traditional clothing on your visit to the palace and get a real feel of Korean culture. It’s recommended you take a guided tour of the palace to fully appreciate the site. A must-visit for history enthusiasts.
  • Seoraksan National Park: Venture to this iconic national park for a hike and a day out in the fresh air. Here you will see the peaks of the Seoraksan mountains touch the clouds. This nature-filled park spreads over four countries and cities. There are various paths for beginners or expert hikers, so take a trail and discover the beauty of South Korea. Spot deer and over 1,000 plant species on your visit. For those serious hikers, take a Korean guide with you for a few days hiking. This beautiful park is filled with forests, hot springs and ancient temples. Divided into 3 sections, the park’s scenery is picture perfect and its highest peak is The outer area of the park is most accessible and is close to the sea. A great time to visit is July and August during peak season.
  • Hallasan National Park: Located on Jeju Island, this is a great park for an easy hike and it’s possible to go to the Hallasan Mountain peak and back in one day. The volcanic peak of Hallasan is South Korea’s highest peak at 1,950 meters. The scenery and particularly the flowers are beautiful all year round. Also see great rock formations on your hike.
  • N Seoul Tower: This is a wonderful place to visit for brilliant views of Seoul. The tower rises 237 meters above the summit of Mount Namsan. It was opened to the public in 1980 and attracts large numbers of tourists. It’s great to go up the tower in spring and autumn for the best views.
  • Korean Folk Village: You must visit here to get a feel of the history, tradition and culture of South Korea. Travel back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in a setting of 260 traditional Korean houses with rooves made of hay, stone and clay. Look through some of the items used in days of old. The Korean Folk Village also boasts a family park with volcano explosions. There is also a superb food court with delicious Korean food. Put this item on your South Korean bucket list.
  • Bongeunsa Temple: This is a Buddhist temple with over 1,000 years of history and is surrounded by modern buildings. If you need to relax, go to the temple for a walk. For something different, there are temple stay programs where visitors can experience everyday life in the temple. It’s best to visit this temple in spring and autumn to appreciate its beauty.
  • Gwangalli Beach: This is a great, quiet beach with restaurants and bars almost on the beach. The beach is famous for its fine sand and you can even rent a yacht if you like.

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