TRAVEL Hacking for Beginners: Cheap, Smart & Safe Travel

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TRAVEL Hacking for Beginners: Cheap, Smart & Safe Travel

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60+ World Travel Tips: Cheap Travel. Fear of Flying. Travel Motivation & Safety. Negotiation. Social Success Abroad.

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  • Enjoy TV Quality Videos From Around the World
  • Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods
  • Strategies To Cut Your Expenses
  • Learn How To Book Extremely Cheap Flights
  • How To Keep Yourself & Your Family Safe
  • Destroy the Fear of Traveling
  • How To Travel Solo
  • How To Make Friends Abroad
  • Negotiate With Flee Market Vendors (Aug bonus)
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  • Anybody who wants to learn how to travel smart and have fun without spending huge amounts of money. Bear in mind that I prepared the content with novice and intermediate traveler in mind. If you are an experienced traveler you may find some of the information obvious. The good news is that in July 2015 I will be uploading more detailed videos specifically designed for experienced vagabonds.

Travel Hacking for Beginners: Cheap, Smart & Safe Travel

Travel hacking is a smart way to explore the world and minimise cost on your journey. With the right knowledge and know-how, you can discover incredible destinations while keeping your finances in check. TRAVEL Hacking for Beginners: Cheap, Smart & Safe Travel is a comprehensive guide that provides all the essential information for mastering the art of travel hacking.

This guide dives deep into the world of travel hacks and uncovers the best strategies to save money in the long-term without compromising on the joy of travelling. From exploring flight deals to learning how to save cash on accommodation, TRAVEL Hacking for Beginners: Cheap, Smart & Safe Travel teaches you how to become a savvy traveller and enjoy all the world has to offer without breaking the bank.

Set a Budget

A successful budget starts with a clear understanding of travel costs. Estimating costs and setting a spending limit will help you determine how much money you need to save. Once you have made a plan for saving money, you will be well on your way to setting a budget.

Estimate Your Travel Costs

Cracking open the atlas, a world of possibilities awaits. To make sure your journey doesn’t break the bank, it’s important to estimate your travel costs before you go.

To obtain accurate estimates, you’ll need to begin researching airfare, lodging, and other transportation costs. In addition to these expenses, factor in estimated costs for meals, recreational activities, and souvenirs.

Remember, when budgeting for your next big adventure, you may need to get creative. Look into discounted fares, loyalty programs, and budget-friendly accommodations. Research the local currency, and find the best deal for exchanging your money. Exploring these options can help you create a well-rounded travel budget for your next getaway.

Determine Your Spending Limits

Taking your estimated travel costs into consideration, it is now time to determine your spending limits. A budget is a great tool to help you stick to your spending plan and avoid overspending. By setting a budget, you can easily keep track of your expenses and allocate your money appropriately.

First, you will need to assess the cost of the entire trip. Add up all of your estimated expenses, such as airfare, accommodation, food, transportation, entertainment, and souvenirs. Once you have a total figure, you can set a limit for yourself. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help you make better decisions about where to stay and what activities you can do.

To ensure you can stick to your budget, you can also look for ways to save money. Consider taking public transportation instead of renting a car, eating at local restaurants instead of expensive ones, and searching for cheaper lodging options. Do your research to find the best deals and make sure you can afford the trip. With a little bit of planning and budgeting, you can make the most of your trip without going overboard.

Make a Plan for Saving Money

Coming up with a plan for saving money is an important part of any budget. Taking the time to plan ahead can help you identify areas where you could save and plan for unexpected costs. Before you get started, be sure to assess how much money you have to work with and make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself.

The first step is to identify your current financial situation. Look at your income, expenses, debts, and savings to get a sense of your current financial standing. Once you have a good picture of where you’re at, you can start to look at ways to save more money.

The next step is to establish a goal. Whether it’s saving for a specific purchase, building an emergency fund, or just having more money to spend, having a goal in mind can help you stay motivated and on track. Once you have a goal, you can start to look at ways to reach it.

Creating a budget and sticking to it is key to saving money. Look for areas where you can make adjustments and figure out how much you want to save each month. Once you have a plan in place, you can start to put it into action. Put away a certain amount each month, track your progress, and adjust as needed. With a little dedication and discipline, you can start to see your savings grow.

Research Your Destinations

From boldly exploring the unknown to discovering hidden gems, researching destinations is a thrilling adventure. With an eye for detail, one can italicize their way to the perfect getaway, starting with choosing a destination that fits one’s exact specifications. Once the destination is selected, it is time to check the cost of living; by comparing prices of everyday items like food and transportation, one can ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck. Lastly, comparing travel packages can help bring down the cost and make the trip even more affordable.

Choose a Destination

Dreams of exotic locations and breathtaking landscapes dance in your head, urging you to take the plunge and plan your next vacation. The first step in the process is to decide where you want to go. With so many options to choose from, the task can seem daunting. However, by taking the time to research your options and narrow down your choices, you can make sure you pick the perfect destination.

Making a list is an easy way to start the task of choosing a destination. Write down all the countries or cities you would like to visit and then research them further. You can look up articles about the different places and get an idea of what they offer. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and read reviews of popular tourist locations. Once you have an idea of what places interest you, you can start narrowing down your list.

It is important to research the cost of living in the destination before making a final decision. Some places may be more expensive than you expected, and you will need to adjust your budget accordingly. Keep in mind that eating out, transportation, and accommodations are often more expensive in touristy areas, so make sure to factor that in. Additionally, it is helpful to find out if the destination is known for any hidden costs or fees. Knowing these details ahead of time will help you make an informed decision about your travel destination.

Check the Cost of Living

Having settled on a budget, the next step is to check the cost of living in the destination you have chosen. This will give you an idea of how much money you need to cover any additional expenses during your trip.

It’s important to distinguish between the cost of traveling and the cost of living, since they can vary greatly from one place to another. Before you visit a city, it’s best to research the cost of living and determine whether it fits within your budget.

To get an accurate picture of what it costs to live in a certain city, you’ll need to look at more than just the cost of housing. Look at the cost of food, transportation, entertainment, and any other expenses you may incur during your trip. Use online resources to compare the costs of different cities and determine how much each city will cost you.

By doing your research and budgeting accordingly, you can ensure that you have enough money to cover all of your expenses while you’re on vacation. With an accurate budget and cost of living in mind, you can move on to the next step of researching your destination.

Compare Travel Packages

Now that you have your budget and have narrowed your list of potential destinations, it’s time to compare travel packages. After all, you want to get the most bang for your buck, so it’s wise to compare the different packages available.

When comparing packages, pay close attention to the details. Are meals included, or will you have to purchase them separately? Are there any activities such as tours or excursions that are included? Is accommodation included or will you have to book your own? These are all important questions to ask when looking at different packages.

Take the time to look at the itinerary of each package. Are there activities that you would enjoy? Is it a pace that works for you? Does it include enough days to explore the area fully? It’s important to consider all of these questions when selecting a package.

Going on a vacation is exciting, but it’s important to take your time when selecting the right package. Compare the options available to you, and make sure to read the details carefully. When you find a package that meets your budget and provides the experience that you are looking for, you’ll be ready to go on the trip of your dreams.

Utilize Travel Apps and Websites

Rather than simply relying on word of mouth or luck, travelers can utilize travel apps and websites to make their trips easier and more cost-effective. Searching for the best flight deals can be done with ease through flight search engines, which allow users to quickly compare prices and find the best deal for their budget. Hotels can be booked with ease on hotel booking sites, allowing travelers to compare prices and amenities before making their selection. Additionally, booking activities is quick and simple through travel apps, allowing users to plan out their itineraries and enjoy the most of their time away.

Use Flight Search Engines

Switching gears to flight search engines, these tools are invaluable when researching flights for an upcoming vacation. Flight search engines can help travelers find the best deals on airfare and often come with a variety of useful filters like layover times, airlines to avoid, and more. Many of these engines also offer the option to monitor flights for changes in prices, so you can be alerted if the price drops. This can be a great way to save money when booking flights, as you may be able to snag a great deal if the price dips at the last minute. Additionally, some engines may offer points and rewards for booking flights, allowing you to save even more money in the long run.

When using a flight search engine, be sure to check out multiple sites for comparison. Different engines may pull from different airlines, so it’s important to check multiple sources to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. Also, be sure to read through the fine print, as some search engines may offer a lower fare but add on fees and taxes. Taking the time to check out multiple options can pay off in the long run and help you save money on your flight.

Finally, it’s a good idea to take the time to research the airline you’re booking with. Make sure the airline has a good safety record, and check for any customer reviews that may give a better picture of the quality of service. Taking these extra steps can ensure you have a safe and comfortable flight that won’t break the bank.

Compare Prices on Hotel Booking Sites

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to find the best deal for your accommodations. Comparing prices on hotel booking sites is the best way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Hotel booking sites are invaluable tools when planning a trip. They compare prices across a variety of hotel chains and independent lodging options, giving you the best possible deal for the location and amenities you require. These sites also offer traveler reviews, helping you make an informed decision on the best place to stay.

The best hotel booking sites also offer special discounts and rewards for loyal customers. From free nights to flight and rental car vouchers, these savings can add up quickly and save you a significant amount of money. With the right booking site, you can get great deals on your accommodations and have money left over to explore your destination.

Book Activities Through Travel Apps

Once you’ve got your flights and hotel booked, it’s time to explore the activities at your destination. Travel apps can make booking activities easy. They often offer a range of options, from outdoor treks to visiting historical sites. Many apps even curate experiences tailored to your interests, allowing you to make the most of your trip.

Travel apps can also provide helpful information about the destination. They may list the opening hours for attractions and the best times to visit, as well as any discounts for which you may qualify. It’s always best to double-check the information on the official website of the attraction, however.

Many of the same apps that offer activities also have discounts available. This could include special deals such as buy-one-get-one-free tickets, or discounts on certain attractions on specific days. A quick glance at the app could save you money in the long run. Booking activities through travel apps can be a great way to save time and money while exploring your destination.

Consider Transportation Options

When searching for transportation options, bargain hunters can look for deals on flights to get the best prices. Cruising through the city, research local public transportation to find the most efficient routes. Lastly, consider ride sharing services as an affordable alternative to get around.

Look for Deals on Flights

Having explored the many travel apps and websites available, the next step is to consider transportation options. One of the best ways to do this is to look for deals on flights. This can be done through online travel agencies, as well as airline websites. With a bit of research, one can find great deals on flights that save money and time.

When searching for flights, it is important to make sure the flight is appropriate for the type of travel being done. For example, if travelling for business, it is important to find a flight that arrives early enough to make it to the meeting on time. In addition, it is important to consider the cost of the flight, the number of layovers, and the airport location. All of these things should be taken into consideration before booking a flight.

When looking for deals on flights, it is also important to compare prices from different airlines. This can be done by searching for flights on various travel websites. In addition, looking for deals during certain times of the year can save money. For example, airfares are generally cheaper in the off-season and during certain holiday periods. Finally, signing up for email alerts from airlines and travel websites can be a great way to stay informed about any deals that may come up.

Research Local Public Transportation

After exploring the many travel apps and websites available, it is time to consider the different transportation options available for your next trip. Researching local public transportation can be a great way to get around on a budget, and often times the most cost-effective solution.

Public transit systems vary from city to city, so it is important to research what your chosen destination has to offer. Many cities have a comprehensive website dedicated to their transportation system, which includes information on routes, prices, and timetables. Additionally, many cities also offer apps and online tools to help make navigating the local system easier.

Additionally, many cities offer discounts for visitors or a special pass that allows you to take multiple trips at a discounted rate. Researching the best way to use the public transportation system in your chosen destination can save you a lot of money and help you get around the city with ease.

Consider Ride Sharing Services

With the convenience of travel apps and websites, planning a trip has become even easier. Yet, there is one more aspect to consider – transportation. Beyond scouring the internet for deals on flights, travelers should also look into local public transportation options and ride sharing services.

Ride sharing services, such as Uber or Lyft, offer a reliable and cost-effective way to get around town. And, since most services provide access to customer ratings, travelers can be sure to get a safe ride from a reputable driver. Plus, utilizing ride sharing services can save travelers the hassle of renting a car or dealing with the added expense of parking. Ultimately, having the peace of mind that comes with a reliable ride makes for an even more enjoyable vacation.

Moreover, ride sharing services can often be a great way to explore more remote parts of a destination. By using the app’s search feature, travelers can find ride sharing services to take them beyond the typical tourist spots and into the lesser-known gems of an area. Plus, with the apps allowing customers to contact their driver directly, it’s easy to ask questions about the area and get genuine recommendations from a local.

Utilizing convenient ride sharing services can be a great way to make travel easier and more enjoyable. Not only do they provide a reliable and cost-effective way to get around, but they also give travelers the opportunity to explore an area in a unique and adventurous way.

Take Advantage of Deals and Discounts

Surfing the internet for the best deals is the way to go! With online coupons and vouchers, you can save a lot of money. Signing up for loyalty programs is also a great way to ensure that you’re getting the best discounts available. Plus, don’t forget to look for student discounts if you are eligible.

Find Online Coupons and Vouchers

Unlocking the power of discounts can be a delightful experience for anyone looking to save money on transportation. One of the best places to start is to look for online coupons and vouchers. Before making a purchase, take a few moments to research the store’s website for any current deals and discounts. You may be surprised at the variety of offers that can save you a bundle.

Sites like RetailMeNot, CouponCabin, and Groupon are treasure troves of available savings. On these sites, you can find discounts from restaurants, retail stores, and even transportation services. To find the best deals, enter an item or service in the search bar and see what comes up. You may be able to get a substantial discount on your next ride.

Rather than relying on online vouchers, you can also join loyalty programs that offer exclusive discounts. Many companies offer a membership program that will reward you for being a loyal customer. By signing up, you may be able to get a discounted rate for your transportation services. Plus, the more you travel, the more rewards you can earn. So if you plan to use transportation often, a loyalty program may be a smart choice.

Sign up for Loyalty Programs

Having considered transportation options, it’s time to take advantage of deals and discounts. One way to get a great deal on transportation is to sign up for loyalty programs. Joining loyalty programs can give customers access to exclusive offers, such as discounts on flights, rental cars, or hotel stays.

Moreover, many loyalty programs will provide members with points for each purchase they make, which can be redeemed for future discounts or rewards. For example, a frequent flyer may be able to earn points with each flight they book, which can later be used to get a free flight after accumulating a certain number of points.

Signing up for loyalty programs also offers additional benefits, such as priority boarding, access to exclusive airport lounges, and special offers only available to members. Not only can loyalty programs help customers save money on transportation, but they can also offer a more comfortable and convenient travel experience.

Look for Student Discounts

Building upon considerations for transportation options, savvy individuals can often look to take advantage of deals and discounts. One such option involves student discounts.

For those in school or who have access to student IDs, many businesses offer special rates for students. Educational institutions often provide discounts on bus passes, museum admissions, and other activities. The discounts may vary by region, but can present a valuable opportunity to save.

Additionally, students may also be able to take advantage of special discounts when purchasing certain items or services. Shopping around for the best deal can often reveal a variety of student discounts. For instance, individuals may be able to secure reduced prices on laptops and other electronics, as well as apparel. It’s worth investigating all possibilities to make sure no deals are missed.

Overall, student discounts can be a great way to save money when it comes to transportation and other purchases. Being mindful of the resources available to students and the potential savings involved can help individuals make the most of their money.

Pack Light and Smart

To Pack Light and Smart, it is essential to first make a list of must-have items that are absolutely necessary for the journey. Once the essentials are identified, it is important to pack items that can be used multiple ways to reduce the overall weight of the luggage. Finally, it is essential to research airline luggage weight limits to ensure a smooth and hassle free travel experience.

Make a List of Must-Have Items

Now that you’ve taken advantage of the best deals and discounts, it’s time to pack light and smart for your next trip. An essential part of smart packing is making a list of must-have items. This list will come in handy when you start packing and will help you keep track of the items you don’t want to forget.

Start by writing down all the items you will need during your trip. Think about what activities you’ll be doing, the duration of your trip, and the climate of the place you’re visiting. Pack only the essentials, such as underwear, socks, shirts, pants, a jacket, and a pair of shoes. Italicize what you need and be mindful of how much you can carry.

When compiling your list, consider items that can be used in multiple ways. For example, a pair of shoes that can be worn for different occasions, a jacket that can be worn during the day and at night, and a scarf that can be used as a shawl and a headwrap. These multi-purpose items are great for helping you travel light without compromising style.

Making a list of must-have items is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget anything important and to make sure that you’re packing light and smart for your upcoming trip. With this list in hand, you’re ready to move on to the next step, researching airline luggage weight limits.

Pack Items that Can Be Used Multiple Ways

Having chosen the right deals and discounts for your next vacation, the next step is to pack smart. One way to do this is to strategically pack items that can be used multiple ways. Consider what items in your wardrobe are versatile enough to go with different outfits, while still being comfortable and stylish. Invest in clothing items that are made from lightweight materials that can be layered for cooler weather or packed in tight spaces. Fashion-forward pieces such as a colorful scarf can transform a plain outfit, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes can be dressed up or down. Additionally, pack items that you can use for multiple activities such as a waterproof jacket or a straw hat. Not only will this save space in your luggage, but you’ll also have more room for souvenirs on your return trip.

Research Airline Luggage Weight Limits

Armed with the knowledge of how to save on vacation expenses, the next step is to make sure that you travel smart. Researching airline luggage weight limits is essential for the smart and savvy traveler. Airlines have specific restrictions on the weight and number of bags allowed, and it’s important to be aware of them in order to avoid unnecessary fees. Italicized text can be found on the airline website, as well as at the ticket counter when you check-in.

It’s best to bolded text the weight limits for each bag before you begin packing. This will help you decide what to bring and what to leave at home. It is also helpful to weigh your bags on a personal scale before arrival at the airport. This will give you an understanding of how much you can add before exceeding the airline’s limit.

Knowing the weight limits of your luggage will allow you to be better prepared when it comes to packing. Lightweight luggage is essential for the modern traveler. Consider investing in lightweight suitcases and duffle bags which are easy to maneuver and won’t exceed the weight limits. Additionally, consider purchasing a foldable duffle bag which can be used for extra items that won’t fit in your regular suitcase. Being aware of the weight restrictions of your luggage will help you to plan a stress-free trip.

Plan Your Itinerary

When planning your itinerary, it is important to research popular attractions and book tickets in advance. Additionally, don’t forget to schedule time for rest and relaxation to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible.

Research Popular Attractions

Having packed light and smart, the next step is to plan your itinerary. Before embarking on your journey, research popular attractions in the area you’ll be visiting. This will help you gain an understanding of what activities are available and what’s most worth your time.

By researching popular attractions, you’ll be able to determine which activities align with your interests. Take a few moments to explore what local sites or activities the city or town has to offer. Doing so will help you narrow down what attractions you want to visit and which activities you want to participate in. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover hidden gems which are not necessarily advertised or promoted.

Additionally, researching popular attractions can help you budget your trip appropriately. Many attractions offer discounts for groups, seniors, students, and more, so make sure to look into any available discounts. This can help you save money and give you more spending money for other activities. Furthermore, researching popular attractions can help you avoid the tourist traps and focus on the activities that are truly special to the area.

By researching popular attractions, you can get the most out of your trip. Planning ahead of time can help you have an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Book Tickets in Advance

Once you have researched popular attractions and pinpointed the ones you want to visit, the next step is to book tickets in advance. With careful planning and pre-booking, you can save yourself time, energy, and money. After all, nothing is worse than arriving at the entrance of a popular attraction only to find out all tickets are sold out.

When booking tickets, make sure to read the fine print of the tickets. Check to see if the ticket has a specific date or if it is valid for multiple visits. Also, if you are bringing a group, some attractions have special group rates. Remember, with advance planning you can make the most out of your vacation.

Furthermore, many attractions offer discounts for students or seniors. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can save yourself a few extra bucks. It is also a good idea to look for discounts online. Websites such as Groupon or LivingSocial offer special deals and discounts to popular attractions. With these resources, you can find the best ticket prices for your next adventure.

Schedule Time for Rest and Relaxation

With every destination comes a chance to experience something new, exciting and fulfilling. However, it is also important to remember to schedule time for rest and relaxation. After all, a well-planned vacation can be the perfect remedy for a weary soul.

It is important to take a break from the hustle and bustle of travel and explore the area in a slower, more relaxed manner. Whether it is strolling through a park, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, or simply taking a nap, these moments of rest and relaxation can add a unique flavor to the travels.

Unplugging from the world can open the door to new, exciting experiences. Whether it’s a museum, library, or art gallery, these places are often full of unexpected surprises. Taking the time to explore them can offer an opportunity to learn something new about the destination or even about oneself.

So, don’t forget to set aside time for rest and relaxation while planning a vacation. It can be the perfect way to make the most out of a journey.

Stay Safe

Exploring a new country can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to research local laws and customs to ensure you don’t get into any trouble. Additionally, investing in travel insurance will help you feel safe and secure in case of any unexpected events. Above all, always be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Research Local Laws and Customs

As you prepare to embark on your journey, it is essential to take some precautionary measures. Before you set off, research the local laws and customs of the places you plan to visit. This could save you a great deal of trouble and embarrassment.

You can begin by checking the U.S. State Department website for travel advisories and warnings. It is important to be mindful of the local laws and customs, especially when it comes to dress code, religious customs, and personal conduct. Additionally, when you arrive at your destination, ask the locals for advice on the areas to avoid and the activities to stay away from.

Also, ask around about the areas that are safe for tourists. Find out the areas that have a strong police presence and those that are more dangerous. Finding out as much as you can about the local laws and customs can be the difference between an enjoyable and a potentially disastrous journey.

Get Travel Insurance

Now that you have your itinerary planned, it’s time to make sure you stay safe! One way to do this is to get travel insurance. It can provide financial coverage in the event of an unexpected medical emergency, lost luggage, or flight disruption. Travel insurance can also help protect you from the financial consequences of canceled trips or other travel accidents.

When shopping for travel insurance, make sure you understand the details of the policy. Different plans offer different levels of coverage, so be sure to read the fine print. Look for coverage levels that match your particular needs and budget. Some policies provide coverage for lost luggage, while others may cover medical expenses.

It’s important to remember that travel insurance is not a substitute for health, homeowners, or auto insurance. Therefore, make sure you read the policy carefully to make sure it meets your needs. Be sure to compare different travel insurance plans to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Having thoughtfully planned out your itinerary, the next step to ensure your safety is to be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to your intuition, and if something doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct and move away. Be mindful of your environment and the people around you, and know that certain areas may be more unsafe than others.

You can also research the local laws and customs before you arrive, as something that may be acceptable in one place may be completely illegal in another. For instance, many countries have strict laws when it comes to photography and recording in certain locations, and it’s important to get familiar with those before traveling.

Finally, if you’re traveling abroad, make sure you’ve purchased travel insurance. This will help protect you in the event of a medical emergency, or if you need to cancel a trip altogether. Doing your research and being aware of your surroundings will go a long way in helping you stay safe while traveling.


Travel hacking can be a great way to see the world while keeping your expenses low. By following the 8 steps listed above, travelers can confidently embark on their journey knowing they have done all they can to ensure their trip is both affordable and safe. Making the most of your budget is the goal; with a bit of planning and research, you can rest assured that your travels will be filled with vivid memories and happy experiences. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go!


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