Czech Republic

Panoramic view on old part of Prague.
Panoramic view on old part of Prague.

So unique and majestic is the Czech Republic

Never have you seen a country so beautiful, unique and majestic till your feet touch the ground of Czech Republic. Castles, cathedrals and ancient squares is testament to the country’s heritage. Forget the sites for a moment. The people are really friendly. Even when you frequent a laundromat, the owner will offer you coffee and free internet access!

Take a river cruise in Prague and marvel at the buildings around you or head to the country for off-the-beaten-track activities. This country will not leave you disappointed. There is so much to see, experience and eat. A unique experience for every traveller. Go Czech!

Food and drink to try

Czech Republic is famous for being the origin of pilsner. But the country has more than just pilsner to offer the thirsty traveler. Pale ales and dark malt beers are also available. Places like the Regent Brewery still keeps the old techniques of brewing beer today. If you an avid beer drinker then doing a brewery tour is a must. Beer lovers will be glad to know that in places like Prague, beer is cheaper than bottled water.

Don’t worry about visiting Czech Republic during winter, because warm Czech cuisine will keep you warm throughout your journey.

  • Bramborák: A street snack which is like a potato pancake.
  • Guláš: A delicious stew of meat and vegetables with paprika. You haven’t been to Czech Republic until you have tasted this splendid dish.
  • Topinky with garlic: This is garlic bread done the Czech way. Deep fried bread never tasted this good. You will find this dish at most pubs.
  • Soup: Some popular soups to try during your visit are potato, garlic, dill or beef soup. Brilliant for the cold winter months.

Things to do in Czech Republic

Old Town Square

This is a fantastic place to get a sense of medieval times and you can almost smell the history in the air. Your surroundings are just breathtaking here and the atmosphere is electric. The square which dates back to the 12th century is largely untouched and you will find popular tourist attractions such as Rococo Kinsky Palace and St Nicholas Church here. There are also plenty indoor and outdoor restaurants in the square where you can welcome your taste buds to the delicacies of Czech Republic. Even hop on a carriage ride and tour the square in style. This site is one of the most beautiful historic sites in Europe and a visit is a must in both summer and winter months. Climb the Old Town Hall Tower for magnificent views!

Charles Bridge

This large bridge where cars and trams once travelled has many Baroque statues of religious figures. It also has to be one of the best bridges in the world and is filled with character. Charles Bridge gets its name from Charles IV. Before that, it was called Stone Bridge. The bridge is one of the most visited sites in Prague and has towers at each end. This architectural masterpiece is lined with artists, musicians and vendors all year round. This attraction must be on your to-do list in the Czech Republic. Charles Bridge is quite crowded in the day, but it is well worth a visit. Taking photographs on the bridge at night is a great idea.

Prague Castle

The castle dates back to the 9th century and it’s well worth spending a day at this enchanting attraction. Bohemian kings, Roman emperors and Czech heads of state have made this castle their home over the years. Prague Castle is like a fairytale fortress with its towers. Within this complex lie historic buildings that will leave you in awe. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. It covers a mammoth area of seven football fields and is home to great Czech cultural pieces. It also consists of museums and galleries. There are audio guided tours for visitors. Don’t miss this castle.

St Vitus Cathedral

You can see this grandiose and inspiring cathedral from anywhere in the city. Believe it or not, the cathedral took six centuries to complete and final stage of construction took place from 1873 to 1929. There are also royal tombs at the cathedral where Czech kings and queens find their final resting place. Not to mention the stained glass windows which are awesome to see. There are also statues to look out for on your visit. Some of the great pieces of history at the cathedral are the mosaic of the Last Judgement above the Golden Gate, the tomb of St John of Nepomuk and the Chapel of St Wenceslas. The Chapel of St Wencelas is the jewel of St Vitus Cathedral. It’s characterised by beautiful decorations.

Lobkowicz Palace

This palace dates back to the 16 century and is actually privately owned. Lobkowicz Palace is one of the Czech Republic’s most important cultural sites. It is a great place to explore the history of Europe. A museum within the palace has 22 galleries. Visitors are taken on an interesting audio-guided tour of this historical museum. You will find collections from the Lobkowicz family and artwork from artists such as Canaletto, Cranach and Brueghel the Elder. Music lovers will find the original scores of the music greats Beethoven and Mozart. Even if you just feel like a cup of coffee, the palace has a café or catch a midday classical concert if you feel like some good music.

National Theatre

This building is superb to see both in the day and night and is magnificent in its design. Inside, the theatre balconies are covered in gold – just sublime! The National Theatre was constructed in 1883 and is considered the premier stage of the Czech Republic. There are a few stories and myths surrounding the theatre. One of the myths is that in 1868 a cask of holy water used to baptise the Slavs was put into the foundation stones of the theatre. Group guided tours of the National Theatre are available.

State Opera

The grandeur of this building will take your breath away. It was first opened in 1888 as a Prague German stage with a rendition of The Mastersingers of Nürnburg. Even better is watching ballet performances or operas like Carmen or Giuseppe Verdi’s La traviata. The season at the State Opera runs from September to June. Guided tours of the State Opera are available in Czech, English, German, French and Russian. Visit the State Opera House for a world-class experience!

Lendice Castle

The area around the castle is known as the Garden of Europe with is quaint buildings, ponds and rare trees. The Lendnice Castle is splendid with its 400 rooms and wooden staircase and wooden panels all through the palace. Take a tour guide with you to appreciate this wonderful castle. This former home of the Liechtenstein family draws many tourists. Some say it’s just for the garden. Definitely put this spot on your itinerary.


This town was formed in 1780, but it was used as a concentration camp by the Nazis during from 1941 and 1945. Thousands of Jews were held at Terezin and then transported to the death camps. It’s recommended you take a guided tour to fully understand the history of Terezin.

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