View from a Greenland fjord
View from a Greenland fjord

Check out the attractions of Greenland

The amazing country of Greenland is full of things to do! Not just the museums, but some super dive sites among icebergs and shipwrecks that will bring out your inner pirate as you dive to the depths. It’s a country that is steeped in history as far back as the Vikings and early Christians. Greenland is about 80% covered in ice and situated northeast of Canada. Have you ever seen the sun shine all summer long? Greenland is where is phenomena occurs! From the world famous Northern Lights, bathing in hot springs to whale watching and museums aplenty, this beautiful country has something for everyone.

Things to do in Greenland

National Greenland Museum and Archives

Located in Nuuk at the old harbour, this museum is perfect to get a feel of Greenland’s history. The well-laid out museum houses exhibits from the Arctic Stone Age to the present day. This comprehensive museum is filled with history, archaeological finds, art and even toys. Discover the world-renowned Qilakitsoq mummies, which include women and a six-month-old baby.

Feast your eyes on the world’s oldest skin boat which dates back to the 1470s. Also get to see other items the Inuit people used for transportation. And if you are into fashion, check out the various clothes people wore from different parts of Greenland. This brilliant museum is a must-see!

Come see the Northern Lights 

Also known as Aurora Borealis, these lights that are known the world over are actually electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. The most common colours you will see ‘dance’ through the sky are pink and green. The different colours in the sky are due to the gas particles that collide in the air.

Ilulissat Icefjord

You will be amazed by a spectacular sight when you visit this collection on icebergs. A World Heritage Site, icebergs here are carved from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier.

Hop on a boat and cruise close to these magnificent icebergs. An even better option is to cruise the Ilulissat Icefjord at night – here you will get to see the icebergs changing colour from the late night because during summer the sun never sets.

What a phenomenon! Add a midnight cruise to your itinerary. For something a bit different, catch a helicopter flight over the Icefjord and get a bird’s eye view of this natural wonder.

Ilulissat Art Museum:

Here you will find artwork from Emanuel A. Peterson. There are also wonderful photographs to look through at the museum and a great gift shop for souvenirs.

The exhibitions at the museum change throughout the year.

Nuuk Art Museum

Art lovers will enjoy this museum which even includes sculptures made of walrus tusk. You will also find historic artwork from artists such as Emauel A. Peterson, Harald Moltke and Christine Diechmann.

Nuuk Art Museum opened in 2005 and also houses a new extension with changing exhibitions. The museum is a short walk from the centre of Nuuk.

Tjodhildes Church

The church was built by Erik the Red, the first European to set foot in Greenland. His son Leif, was the first person to bring Christianity to Greenland.

Take a tour of the church and learn about its history. You will also see a Viking longhouse and a statue of Erik the Red on a nearby hill.

Hvalsey Church Ruins

Hvalsey Church was one of the early Christian churches, dating back to about 1300. These are the best ruins of the Norse settlers who came from Scandinavia to Greenland.

The wooden roof of the church is long gone. One can still see the remains of the church’s stone wall when you visit.

The church itself is located in beautiful surroundings, so why not take a walk. To reach these ruins you will have to take a 30-minute boat ride from town.

Disko Island

Take a trip to the largest island in Greenland. The island is surrounded by icebergs and your trip here will make for brilliant photographs.

Take a cruise boat to make your way to the island. While you make your way to Disko Island, spot Humpback whales. The island is filled with basalt hills and spectacular terrain.

If you feel like it, drop a line and catch a few Cod. Take a walk along the coastal routes and take in the stunning scenery. Visit the beautiful town of Qeqertasuaq situated in Disko Bay.

Go for a walk around the town and look at the uniquely built houses or visit the museum, which has impressive paintings and history of Qeqertasuaq.

Swim in hot springs

There are various hot spring locations throughout Greenland. A popular spot to bath in these warm pools are on the island of Uunartoq in Southern Greenland.

It’s here where you will be able to bath in the only outdoor spa in the country and enjoy a splendid view of the icebergs while you relax.

These hot springs have been around since the days of the Vikings. Today Uunartoq is visited by locals and tourists alike.

Another area you can take dip in a hot spring is at Disko Bay.


You will find everything from arts and culture, history to boat tours in the largest city in Southern Greenland.

The area has been occupied by the Norse, Danish and Thule. The town’s population is just over 3,000 people and it’s a great visit if you need some quiet relaxation.

Take to the many hiking trails and enjoy the views. Or if you feel like whale watching, Qaqortoq is the place to be.

Grab your gear, let’s go diving

Greenland is a sublime diving spot with shipwrecks, icebergs and marine and plant life that you can add to your dive log book. Coming to Greenland for the diving alone is worth it.

How often can people say they have dived at an iceberg? Only those who are full of adventure and want to experience a different dive experience can say so. Here you will find humpback whales during summer, dolphins, Orca whale and even a Blue whale.

If you are lucky enough, you may spot a Polar Bear while you take in the icebergs on the surface. If you feel like it, collect scallops for dinner.

When you head underwater in Greenland, you will spot forests of seaweed, sea cucumbers, wolf fish and catfish. Go on a shipwreck dive too! Dive the Borgin, a wooden schooner that sank as a result of a fire in 1954.

She was a 3-masted ship that now stands upright in the ocean. Two of the masts nearly reach out of the water. Even better when you reach the surface, you are surrounded by magnificent icebergs to top off your interesting cold water dive.

If diving is your passion, then don’t miss this location for the dive of a lifetime.

Try some local dishes

What’s to eat in a country that’s mostly covered by water – seafood! Feast your way through mussels, fish and shrimp.

You will eat the freshest fish you have ever tasted here, so get your seafood on and enjoy dining in Greenland. While you’re making your way through the country, try a dish called Suaasat.

This traditional Greenlandic soup is made from seal, whale, reindeer or seabirds. Seals and small whales are delicacies in Greenland, so take a bite if you are feeling adventurous.

When it comes to meat in Greenland, lamb, reindeer, fox and musk oxen are common.

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