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Is that a Tango you hear? That means it’s time for a holiday to Argentina. You can even take a Tango class if you wish. Learn the art of Tango from a professional dance couple.

Different from the usual tourist attractions are the unusual hidden gems of a country. Why not hop on to the Line A subway in Buenos Aires where you will ride in an original carriage dating back to the early 1900s. This is a fun way to experience a bit of the ‘old days’. Go to the Cementerio de la Recoleta where past presidents and heroes are buried. Find Eva Perón’s grave and don’t forget your camera for brilliant photo opportunities. There are also free tours available to this ‘city of the dead.’

From unusual to a wine delight! Tour great wine regions like Mendoza, Cafayate and Maipú. Get to the vineyards and discover why Argentina has some of the best wines in the world. What is wine without food? Dishes you simply have to spoil yourself with include Empanadas, Choripan, Milanesa and Asado. Your stomach will be singing with joy!

Iguazu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Argentina.
Rainbow in the mist at Iguazu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

Things to do in Argentina

Iguazú falls

Within the Iguazú National Park is a 3 kilometre stretch of more than 200 waterfall in an awe-inspiring setting. Enjoy the sound of the crashing water and marvel at the surroundings. Iguazú falls is split between Argentina and Brazil. These falls were voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a popular spot among tourists. The Iguazú falls are accessible from either Brazil or Argentina. There are boat tours available to Iguazú falls where you get up close to the falls. Or get the best view of the falls with a helicopter ride! Everyone should visit this magnificent feature of Argentina.

Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains is the longest mountain range in the world. The mountains consist of glaciers, volcanoes, lakes and forest. There is a variety of birds, bear and mountain lion to be spotted on your journey in the Andes. Stunning blue lagoons await you as you make your way up the mountain: It’s possible to drive up about 5,000 metres and then walk for about 100 metres. Your photographs will not do this place justice. You’ll feel so close to the sky it’s scary!

Cathedral of La Plata

One of the largest cathedrals in Latin America, this Gothic-style cathedral is magnificent. Take the elevators to the front towers of the cathedral. The copper domes are fantastic to see and the cathedral’s eight towers are impressive. The stained glass windows will take you back to days of old. The cathedral is also the 58th tallest church in the world.

Teatro Colón

Acoustics never sounded so good – no matter where you sit in the theatre you will get to experience the brilliant sound of the opera house. The opera house which is located in Buenos Aires, is classified as one of the best opera houses in the world. Nothing makes a holiday in Argentina complete without attending a concert at this prestigious opera house.

Hill of Seven Colors

A must-see because your photographs won’t tell the sheer beauty. The Hills of Seven Colors gets its name from the various pigments of the minerals within the soil. The saying goes that you can find seven colours in the hill. The colours are most visible in the day. The hill is easily accessible and makes for a great walk.

Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA)

If you’re a lover of art then the MALBA should be on your excursion list. It’s very easy to move around the gallery and even the benches are arty! Important to local cultural life, the MALBA houses European art as well as works by local artists and not to mention the fantastic collection of Latin American art. Guided tours of the museum are available.

Tierra de Fuego National Park

This is a stunning site to explore. The park has great trails for family day trips and there are hikes along the rivers that offer great scenery. The park is host to forest and a number of lakes. The bird life is amazing, so keep your binoculars at hand. Keep a rain jacket with you and wear comfortable shoes. Pick a trail to wonder on and pack a picnic basket. Enjoy a whole day there if you wish. It’s best to stay in the city of Ushuaia and launch your national park expedition from there. The Glacier Martial is probably the best hike in the park. Even camp in the park if you like. Give it a go!

Cathedral of Salta

This is a cathedral full of detail on the walls and ceiling. The cathedral was completely destroyed in the 17th century and reconstruction was completed in 1882. The church captures the feel of Argentina. You will also get to see a statue of the Virgin Mary. The interior is eye catching and the altar is a real ‘wow’! There are also side chapels to visit which are interesting. At night the cathedral is beautifully lite – it’s well worth a visit.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Located in the Los Glaciers National Park, the epic Perito Moreno Glacier is famous because it’s always changing (it’s actually growing steadily). It’s also one of the biggest attractions in Argentina. You can do a tour of this glacier, which is one of the biggest glaciers in South America. Or for some relaxation, take a boat cruise and stare at this natural wonder. Walk the footbridge too and see spectacular views.

Plaza Dorrego

This awesome tourist attraction is a ‘must do’ when you’re in Argentina. Plaza Dorrego is famous for its Sunday street market which started in 1970. This is where thousands of locals and tourist seek out souvenirs and antiques. Stop off at a bar and café and take in the site of the bustling crowd. Or simply wonder through the market to soak up the atmosphere. A super place to visit to take a piece of Argentina home with you.

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