J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow – British Invention of the Year Winner – Supports your Head, Neck & Chin (Blue)

The J-pillow Features

This neck pillow allows you to use several positions during your sleep in the plane or perhaps in the car. The J Pillow adapts to the habits of everyone. This is indeed a travel cushion that comes out of the traditional guns of the sector with a design far removed from the classic “U” that one found everywhere.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow

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Other J-Pillow Options

The J-Pillow is a tripartite travel pillow that was honoured in the UK as the Invention of the Year recently. At first sight, I never really know how to pin this pillow on my very own neck. But the enclosed instructions for use reveal that several positions are possible.

With its J-shape, the possibilities of maintenance are increased tenfold and allow considering un-academic positions as a rest against a window, for example. This travel pillow makes it possible to wedge both the chin and the cheeks against support allowing to move during sleep and to keep a point of support thanks to the ingenious design.

Why a Travel Pillow?

As you all know already, the main benefit of travel cushions is that they allow you to rest while travelling. The reason why they are exceptionally designed for travelling, however, the benefits of pillows differ depending on the manufacturing materials.

With a travel pillow, no more discomfort at the end of your trip. That is, you recover very well after a long journey.

How to Choose A Travel Pillow?

The purchase of a travel cushion requires a methodical choice. But before doing so, you must know the pillow marks that exist in order to make a wise choice. A simple tip to choose a travel pillow is to check the comments at the bottom of the product, on the sales sites. Thus, you make a decision based on the opinion users on a type of cushion according to your need.

How to use a J travel pillow

The J pillow-NAVY Travel Pillow will help you on a train, a car or even on the plane. At home, it will bring you more comfort in your bed or on the sofa, there is no risk of slipping or bumping your head against the window when you fall asleep and fall forward. The J Pillow-Navy Travel Pillow is a product to actually look at if you travel often.

This accessory shows its usefulness to the hospital on one side for the nurses, because it helps them to sleep easily and for hours sitting on a chair, and on the other for those who recover and who cannot sleep lying down. Despite its size more or less impressive according to some opinions, this pillow brand J Pillow remains a convenient accessory and quite ergonomic.

Product Design and Practice for Its User

This unique and ingenious J Pillow travel cushion, unlike other specimens on the market, has been designed to keep the head, neck, and chin in a “J” shape. Put on the side, it raises and supports your head properly, avoiding you to wrinkle a muscle, worst torticollis. The pillow shows an incomparable softness on the face.

The material is soft and pleasant. Its foldable side facilitates its transport. It’s true that unfolded, it takes up space, but once folded, it slips anywhere: in a purse, in your bag, so you don’t clutter when you travel. The presence of a snap fastener is convenient for customers to attach to the luggage.

• Machine washable
• Lightweight travel pillow
• It has several uses
• Simply fit a multitude of people.

• It is great for an individual tilting his head to the side.

An Original Product, Easy to Use and Maintain

Among the travel cushions on the market, this one is quite original. Endowed with an ingenious creation, the users find it surprising. In addition, building materials are clearly appreciated by consumers. For its use nothing easier, as the J-Pillow can become your perfect travelling companion. The design really supports the head, unlike your usual travel pillow.

The J-Pillow Travel Pillow Keeps Your Head Sitting as You Sleep.  The pillow on the way reminds me at the first sight of an elephant. Two thick ears, a slightly thinner trunk, this is the J of the J-Pillow, i.e. the J-pillow.

The two large padded ears can be comfortably placed on the human ear and behind the neck, the “J” lies under the chin and prevents the tilting forward of your head. Alternatively, you can also fold the two pillow ears and put between the neck and shoulder.

When the Travel Pillow Gets Dirty

Where we are already on the travel subject, when travelling, not everything is always as clean as we wish. So, what if the J-Pillow gets dirty? The entire upholstery can be washed and dried. I have asked the manufacturer for the washing instructions. However, read the label well to find out how to wash it. Because of this, you can see if your cushion can be machine-cleaned and how many times a year.

The whole part can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine, spin and then dry in the dryer at low temperature. Still, my pillow looks clean and cuddly, washing was not necessary so far.

The J-Pillow is still my favourite travel squirrel. Not only directly in the vehicle or on the train, but also in bed, it’s valuable support, especially, when the pillow in the hotel is once again way too thin.

The J-Pillow pushed quickly under the head and already fits the sleeping position again. Anyone who has to pay attention to weight when travelling has two practical things in one: neck pillow and travel cushion. With the washing instructions mentioned above, the J-Pillow is still cuddly even after intensive travel use and not that costly. Check the J-Pillow Navy Travel Pillow price here!

The Conclusion of J Pillow-Navy Travel Pillow Review

The J-Pillow is a comfortable travel pillow, even if you don’t know exactly how to use the pillow when you first look at it. After a short trial period, you will be out of the various croissant positions quickly. Especially with a long or perhaps stiff neck, The J-Pillow provides pleasant support on train and air travel and wherever you need to sit longer.

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Machine Washable
Space Save


Overall this is a fantastic product. It is highly recommended. We hope our review hopes to give you an informed decision.
Overall this is a fantastic product. It is highly recommended. We hope our review hopes to give you an informed decision.J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow - British Invention of the Year Winner - Supports your Head, Neck & Chin (Blue)